HTC Vive Unboxing by the Android Guy

HTC Vive Unboxing by the Android Guy. Hello guys, today AllThingsAndroid dot net want to share with you an awesome video of HTC Vive Unboxing by the Android Guy, just see video right after it

HTC Vive Unboxing by the Android Guy

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iPhone vs. Android (animation)

iPhone vs. Android (animation). Hello friends, right now AllThingsAndroid net will share to you a great clip of iPhone vs. Android (animation), just look at the clip right after it

The debate has been going on for years now; which is better? Which should I buy? Which one will get me the girls?? All (or none) of those questions will be answered today!

Also, thank you guys SO much for all the support y’all have given. 366,000 subscribers is crazy! It’s definitely been an eventful year. We’re working on the next videos as we speak! Stay Tuned

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